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... we are building the technology to power last-mile delivery in Africa

for third-party logistics operators (3PLs)

for dispatch riders

for small businesses

and for you, the customer needing delivery


Manage your dispatch riders in one place on the go | hassle-free

If you own one or more vehicles you use for delivery purpose, nephew helps automate your entire business process: from customer ordering to payment collection, finding and hiring dispatch riders and effectively managing them while on the field; saving you time and unnecessary spending while increasing your revenue by over 120%.

monitor all orders taken by your riders and view their real-time activities on the field

view status updates of all orders your riders are currently handling or have completed

best of all, once order is completed, we remit money back to you the business owner, not to your riders

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Say bye to picking customers' calls and passing them to your riders, or paying someone else to do the work because of lack of trust for your riders

Nephew removes the inefficiencies and problems your delivery business suffers when you or someone else plays the middleman role between customers who call to place an order and your riders. Some of these problems are:

only customers who happen to know of your delivery business' existence e.g. saw their advert on social media, can call to order from you

often times, when you or your manager miss customer's call, revenue is lost

not leveraging on the real-time location of your riders to take customer order as your riders move around, leads to revenue loss

the time you, the business owner, spend monitoring and taking customer orders is wasted and can be used to do productive work

if employing a manager to do the work of taking orders, it adds to unnecessary overhead cost, eating into your profit

We understand the core of your logistics business process and the challenges you face

Our solution improves your entire logistics business processes, saves you time and money, shortens the time between order request and pickup, and helps you make more money without doing much

What your logistics business process currently looks like on a typical business day

STEP 1Customer calls your office to place an order

STEP 2You (or your employee) take the order, then proceed to call each of your dispatch riders to find who is closest to the pickup point.

STEP 3Dispatch rider picks up package and delivery is made

We are deleting steps 1 and 2 above from your business process; leaving you with just step 3 to make a lot more money

We use your dispatch rider's location to connect them directly to orders nearest to them without you or your employee playing a middleman role or having to do anything. This way, we end up freeing up time for you to do more productive things instead of spending the day taking order requests, arranging for pickups, or managing your riders. We also save you money spent hiring an employee to do all these tasks.Once delivery is made, we release the payment to you directly and not to your dispatch riders

Onboard and manage your existing dispatch riders or find and hire new ones

Easily onboard and manage existing dispatch riders to your business account on Nephew so customers can know who they are dealing with. Need a dispatch rider? Find and hire a new rider straight from the app to work for you

Track orders taken by your Dispatch riders real-time

Dive in to the minute details to know the orders that have been taken or are currently being handled by each of your Dispatch riders. If they are late to pickup or delivery, you will know. Learn about customers feedback about your Dispatch riders to enable you make informed decisions

Receive real-time feeds on your dispatch riders activities

Double down and view daily activities of your dispatch riders: daily orders, daily earnings, bids submitted, what customers are saying about your dispatch riders, see how all your dispatch riders are perfoming daily at a glance

Receive instant payment into your wallet and withdraw

Immediately your dispatch riders complete an order, we release payment directly to your wallet so you can withdraw to your bank account when you want. Your dispatch riders will not have any contact with your payment

We welcome Delivery Partners of all sizes. Whether you’ve got just one bike or a fleet of vehicles for delivery, partner with us

Hire your next dispatch riders

Owning a successful delivery business is a good source of income, but finding professional dispatch riders to run your dispatch business can be a constant worry. Nephew connects you to vetted dispatch riders for your delivery / logistics business